Eco Peace

Plant a Tree Today!

Trees form a vital part of the habitat for almost 80% of the world’s land dwellers.
Trees clean the air we breathe, they filter the water we need. Trees absorb carbon and regulate the climate. They are sources of our food and medicine.
We may not solve the world’s environmental challenges overnight, but we know where we can start.
Be a part of the solution. Help us by helping yourself – Plant a tree today!
Green leaves pattern background,
cropped view of girls holding ground with seedlings in hands

Mother Nature is the source of everything

Mother Nature is the source of everything we know and love. So it’s about time we nurture and care for Her.

We have lost sight of the beauty and majesty of the natural world. The environment we have been blessed with can provide clarity, ease and comfort – if only we take care of it. We worship and pray to our gods every day. We give gifts to our loved ones many times each year. We unconditionally support our sports teams season after season. Isn’t it time we do something for our planet?

We all can make a difference – it all starts with a seed. Our vision is to bring people together and work towards the common goal of planting and saving trees in our local communities. Join the Tree Pledge today!